[ Selected stills from a video by Alan Lundell. Thanks, Al! ] Celebrants came from all over the globe--from Netherlands, Dallas, New York City, Berkeley and Memphis, Tennessee. Bob’s daughter Christina opened the session by displaying the Sacred Remote--RAW’s favorite TV shows were “House” and “Boston Legal”. As Bob’s ashes were cast into the sea, Regan played her harp on the boat, while the crowd watching from the windows of the Coconut Grove blasted away with a variety of Chinese noisemakers. Freddy sang Irish tunes including one James Joyce had written for Finnegan’s wake; Amy and August sang a poignant Bobby Burns air and someone, somewhere, was playing “Danny Boy” on the trumpet. Rants were preached, speeches enacted, old friendships renewed and new friends discovered. Then Christina read Robert Anton Wilson’s last words to his audience:
“I no longer claim to know anything
But I still have persistent suspicions.
My greatest suspicion holds that
All my suspicions may prove wrong.
Intelligence recognizes
That nothing now seems impossible.
Have a good hearty laugh
And do not dare to mourn me.”
Wilsonfest II
Bob’s ashes
Golden Callistan apple
Bob’s daughter Christina
opening the session
Cathy Inslee
prime mover
smiling young fan
Will Black
Michael Zwerling
KSCO owner
Sharon Presley
Richard Rasa w/Bob
fervent young fan
Amy and August
sing Bobby Burns air
David Jay Brown
Wilson-inspired writer
ship carrying ashes
into the Pacific
Wilson fan
from New York City
Cathy Inslee
giver of grace
Christina displays
the sacred remote
Bob’s son Graham
and his dad
Charles Webb
Eric Wagner
Cody McClintock
crowd scene
Christina organizing
the Kaos
View from Bob’s Balcony
in Capitolio
Valerie Corral
WAMM director
Peter (Psychedelic
Encyclopedia) Stafford
Tucker Pope:
Bob’s superior caregiver
Tim Renkert
Santa Cruz
Saul Paul Sirag
mathematicus extremus
a grandiose RAW-worthy
syncreto-theological rant
Scott Apel
our genial MC
wonderful Riko
serving Bob coffee
An enthusiastic fan
from Memphis, TN
Regan strummed
and sung
Quinn Norton
SF journalist
Jennifer Warren
from Dallas, TX
From England via
Berlin Chaos Computing
Maurice Taylor
from Los Angeles
Kurt Smith: colleague
of Bob’s from Playboy
Saint Mae
Jabir promises salvation
for those invoking Bob
Jabir displays legendary
Shroud of Wilson
JJ Webb
Boulder Creek poet
Faustin Brey
Sound Photosynthesis
An Illuminati agent
from Berkeley
the Irish bard
the Irish bard2
the Irish bard3
Galen from Palo Alto
honors Wilson
We’ll miss ya, Bob
die ewige Blumenkraft