Grand sendoff party for Robert Anton Wilson at Coconut Grove (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk). Ashes carried out to sea in boat with black & white sails accompanied by harp music while hundreds cheered from the party hall: “Thank you, Bob, for enriching our lives!” Lots of good speech, great food and drink, wonderful music (Someone played “Danny Boy” on the trumpet, songs from James Joyce were performed and Celtic duo Dobhran did “Father Kelly’s Reel” etc). Speeches, tributes, perpetual slide show of Bob in various disguises--a glorious tribute to years of fun we had with Mister Wilson.
23 Snapshots from the
RobertAntonWilsonFest 2/18/07
Robert Anton Wilson
Eddie & Allegra
at Bob’s bedside
Jabir at ease
Jabir fooling around
Kim fooling around...
August fooling around
Scene at ringside
Crowd scene
Crowd scene
Crowd scene
Crowd scene
Dobhran I
Dobhran II
Dobhran III
Ship bearing
Bob’s physical remains
She massages
brain waves in Soquel
She offered us
squid jerky-Yummm!
A very Irish lad
RU Sirius
Happy camper
Attentive Jabir
Jabir hearing confession
Making a fake RAW ring
from mylar confetti whorl
You may now kiss
the Wilson ring
Thanks, Bob,
 for all the fun
Die ewige Blumenkraft