99 nick chakras
99 Nick Chakras
8 Hindu chakras
8 Spinal chakras
8 Sensual chakras
24 Arm chakras
24 Leg chakras
12 Cranial chakras
14 Girdle chakras
1 Whole Body chakra
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The chakras represent parts of the body into which you can put your attention and observe what happens. I have expanded the classic 7 Hindu chakras to a total of 99, subject to three requirements: 1) each chakra should be symbolized by a simple geometric figure
suggestive of its function; 2) each chakra should possess an "anti-chakra" analogous to the "anti-particles" of physics; 3) the anti-chakra is symbolized by a black-white reversal of the symbol for its partner chakra.

As the numbers of chakras increased, it became more and more difficult to maintain this two-fold symmetry. Hence the first 72 chakras possess anti-chakras; the remaining 27 chakras do not. Although it would be easy to extend this two-fold symmetry to the Girdle chakras, the Cranial and Whole Body chakras resist such simple pairings.

Earlier versions of Nick chakras and further discussion of the evolution and possible uses for this new system for visualizing the human body can be found on my quantum tantra blog at 24 Nick chakras and 84 Nick chakras.

whole body chakra