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Quantum Tantra is physics-assisted deep union with Other Minds. Perhaps in the process of expanding the reach of our minds physics will also come to understand better the commonplace mystery of how we actually make contact with what we call inanimate objects--a deep and subtle question that physicists call "the measurement problem".

1. Nick Herbert "Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics" Doubleday (1985) One of the most accessible introduction to the quantum reality question--of which Einstein remarked: "Who could have imagined that we would come to know so much and understand so little?"AMZ

2. Nick Herbert "Elemental Mind" Dutton (1993) A popular review of today's fledgling models of consciousness including an entire chapter on James Culbertson's visionary notions. AMZ

3. James Culbertson "The Minds of Robots" University of Illinois (1963) The most ambitious and daring model of inner experience to date--sets a high standard most mind scientists fail to meet.

4. Morris Shamos "Great Experiments in Physics: Firsthand Accounts from Galileo to Einstein" Dover (1987)" Includes Heinrich Hertz's first production and measurement of radio waves. AMZ

5. John Archibald W heeler & Wojciech Zurek , eds "Quantum Theory and Measurement" Princeton (1983) A collection of important original papers on the "quantum measurement problem--a thick red paperback book expressing physicists' deep distress concerning their lack of understanding of ordinary material existence--how potential happenings become "real events" AMZ

6. Daniel Greenberger, Ed "New Techniques and Ideas in Quantum Measurement Theory" New York Academy of Sciences Volume 480 (1986) Papers from a recent conference on the measurement problem that especially emphasize experiments that bring this problem into sharp focus.

Can we reach a deeper understanding of the material world by treating Her not as a haphazard collection of dead particles but as the naked and holy Body of the Beloved?

7. Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger "Sexual Secrets: the Alchemy of Ecstasy" Destiny Books (1979) Comprehensive account of classical tantra from many cultures. One reviewer called this book "the whole-earth catalog of tantra."AMZ

8. David & Ellen Ramsdale "Sexual Energy Ecstasy: A Practical Guide to Lovemaking Secrets of the East and West" Bantam (1993) A modern approach to classical tantra both sophisticated and commonsensical. A marvelous guide to expanding your sensual awareness. Highly recommended by Doctor Jabir. AMZ

9. Indra Sinha "The Great Book of Tantra: Translations and Images from the Classical Indian Texts" Destiny Books (1993) Good historical background for understanding the roots of classical tantra. Many beautiful illustrations ranging from inscrutable Hindu diagrams to Moslem pornography. AMZ

10. Alan Watts "Nature, Man and Woman" Vintage Books (1991)Watts eloquently argues that Western sexual attitudes are distancing us from deep truths about ourselves and Nature. AMZ

11. Starhawk "Dreaming the Dark: Magic Sex & Politics" Beacon Press (1982) Starhawk explores feminist paths for healing the rift twixt humans and the natural world. AMZ

12. Nisargadatta Mararaj "I Am That" Acorn Press (1982) A collection of interviews with an Indian male who claims to have achieved Oneness with Nature and convincingly reports on his extraordinary state of being. AMZ

Attitudes, rituals, voices, and scientific tools which expand our sympathy with other forms of being are all steps towards theinevitable science of quantum tantra.

13. Susam Griffin "Woman & Nature: the Roaring Inside Her" Harper Colophon (1978) An imprtant feminist commentary on the blindspots of modern science. AMZ

14. Evelyn Fox Keller "Reflections on Gender and Science" Yale University More feminist analysis of science's patriarchal biases and suggestions for a more true and balanced "successor science" AMZ

15. Alan Watts "The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness" Reports from a philosophically trained observer of the world observed through a chemically-enhanced nervous system. AMZ

16. Dale Pendell "Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons and Herbcraft" Mercury Press (1995) An eloquent and experienced description of "the poison path"--the use of plant-derived substances for altering our relationship with Nature. Sophisticated, heartfelt and truthful--an example of drug education at its finest. AMZ

17. David Abram "The Spell of the Sensuous" Pantheon Books (1996) A lovely and lively account of how the acquisition of written language closed many possible paths for relating more intimatel;y with the natural world. AMZ

18. Italo Calvino "Cosmicomics" Harcourt, Brace & World (1968) An imaginative account of the experiences of some of the invisible minds that inhabit the "inanimate" world. AMZ

19. Joachim-Ernst Berendt "Nada Brahma: The World is Sound: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness" Destiny Books (1987) Relating to the world thru our sense of hearing as an antidote to our excessively visual orientation to nature. AMZ

20. Jerome Rothenberg, ed "Technicians of the Sacred: a Range of Poetries from Africa, America, ASia, Europe and Oceania" University of California Press (1969) A collection of rituals both ancient and modern for ceremonially altering our customary relationships to the world. AMZ

While working to realize a working-model convivium we can prepare our minds for wild forms of union by wallowing in empathy-expansive language--a poem is a small machine made of words.

21. Walt Whitman "Leaves of Grass" Bantam Classic (1983) The most expansive poetry on the planet: No one (so far) beats Whitman in declaring his intentions to embrace the Universe's every existent form of being.AMZ

22. Ernesto Cardenal "Cosmic Canticle" Curbstone Press (1993) Catholic priest and former Sandinista Minister of Culture eloquently celebrates the minds and the sexuality in things. AMZ

23. Robinson Jeffers "Not Man Apart" Sierra Club (1965) Jeffers urges us to align ourselves with greater concerns than the petty projects of humankind. AMZ