"Will trade sex for secrets of Nature."

Alone in your bed on a hot summer night, you're awaked by a deep, humming sound and a ravenous sexual appetite. Then suddenly space itself seems to split open and out of a shimmering green cave in the air oozes the most beautiful creature of the opposite sex you've ever seen in your life. Some of the details may not seem quite right--the number of fingers, the shape of the mouth but she/he's the stuff dreams are made of and you want him/her bad--their visuals are a bit off the mark but their mammalian pheremone package is right on the mark, and with each gasp for breath, molecular sexual messengers are shifting every cell in your body into throbbing erotic overdrive.

"Will trade sex for secrets of Nature" resonates telepathically in whatever's left of your higher cognitive centers. But before you surrender your body and soul to this sex-scented seducer from the lush green hole in space, there are a few things you should know about Pleiadian Physics Prostitutes.

In the first place, the're not from the Pleiades.

Nobody knows where they come from. They could be emanations from other galaxies, or from other dimensions. Or they may even be ancient forms of sentience native to Earth. One thing is certain: they will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get themselves laid.

Secondly, the're dead serious about what they offer. If you choose to have sex with them they will share with you real knowledge of alien physics. In fact much of the time the sex and the sharing of knowledge are indistinguishable. They do not lie. Sexual intercourse with a Pleiadean Physics Prostitute cannot fail to teach you a lot about how our Universe actually operates.

Third, they possess so much knowledge of the mental/physical realm that for them the process we call "science" has come to an end. Altho they are not omniscient, they do know everything that they consider worth knowing. Their physics is complete--they possess the One Unified Theory of Matter, of Spirit and of Consciousness. Whereever they come from, they have gorged themselves on knowledge, and hunger no more for mere facts.

Fourth, their science drives satisfied, it is not New Knowledge they seek but New Experience--the experiences they especially prize are experiences of union--of deep and intimate communication with other mind/body beings (of whom there are many trillions in our galaxy alone.)

They are bored with mere symbolic communication (they laugh at our pathetic radio telescopes) and crave wide-bandwidth empathetic union with other awarenesses. They want what any truly intelligent life form anywhere wants: they want to see and be seen by interesting beings. And they "see" across spectrums that humans know nothing about.

They want to join body, mind and spirit with new and exotic sentiences like ourselves and they are willing to give up some of their vast knowledge to negotiate these deep erotic unions. What Pleiadean Physics Prostitutes are looking for is strange new sex among the backwater fleshpots of Earth.

"Will trade sex for secrets of Nature."

But if they crave wide-band communion with humans so intensely, what has held them back from seducing every man and every woman on Earth with their irresistable offers of physics for sex? They certainly do not fear our weapons which seem simple playthings compared to the least of the powers wielded by these omnisexual Masters and Mistresses of Time and Space.

What has held them back is not fear of us nor lack of desire--we are sexually beautiful, utterly strange and immensely desirable in their "eyes". What has held them back so far has been their innate abhorrence of the molestation of children.

DOCTOR JABIR (who will always say "yes" to a Pleiadean Prostitute)